Matt black Paperback

On November 24, 2019, the matt black cover paperback of the updated ebook edition was published exclusively in the USA and Canada, and Japan, acknowledging 28 years to the day that the planet lost the heavenly showman Freddie Mercury. These are available from, and respectively.

Like the Kindle ebook edition, it is intentionally reasonably priced. This is partly because Jim would not want Queen fans ripped-riff by unscrupulous or illegal publishers, and partly because it has been deemed a potentially useful Social Studies resource for some researching the AIDS epidemic in the Eighties, and the accompanying global backlash against the homosexual community.

If Jim was still with us, we think he would amused that after 2
5 years his story had become an international Amazon best seller - thanks to interest spiked by the

phenomenal Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. Jim’s memoir has finally

also been released in several new language editions, including Korean and

Russian. It has also now been released, including Tim Wapshott's updated

introduction, as a Dreamscapes Audiobook read by Patrick Moy.


Affection for Freddie - and Jim - spans the globe unabated. Mercury and

Me: The Updated Edition is the only complete, unadulterated record of

rock’s tenderest loving odd couple.